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Cebo Terry Carr


Cebo is the president of Next Generation NYC, LLC. He has spent his life trying to build the professional structure within the street club dance culture to help develop an understanding of how the heritage of the culture is interwoven with the people of its creation. To fully understand the culture you must know its people to understand the importance and relevance of their contributions.

Next Generation NYC, has celebrated 21 years of supporting the street club culture. Next Generation New York Studios is celebrating its sixteenth anniversary of service to the street club dance community of Okayama, Japan. NXGN is the co-production for the international street dance battle Step Ya Game Up New York also now has preliminaries in two countries China and Japan.

Cebo went to school for architectural design in his second year of studies, life and dance took precedence. As a husband and father of four girls, he has dedicated his life to empowering his ladies to follow their dreams and to have pride in their street club dance heritage. He joined the international organization The Ladies of Hip Hop Festival as a board member. He is the first international house dance winner solidifying his placement in the dance crew Dance Fusion and MopTop Family. He is currently the movement specialist for GoNoodle's Blazer Fresh, which is an app used by schools across the nation for teaching the youth school subject matter through dance. After the closing of EXPG and Movement Lifestyle and other community dance schools I realized that as a community maybe we could have came together to help save these pillars in the street and club dance culture and community. I called some of my colleagues and thus the MopTop Universal Program at Peridance Center was created. As a steward for this culture Cebo has a responsibility to help build and educate I take serious and try to uphold to the best of my ability. Cebo also continues to teach and perform while maintaining his responsibilities as the president of Next Generation NYC, LLC, and spreading the culture through Music, Feeling, and Dance!

Cebo Terry Carr
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